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. good morning, welcome to mow day i can i am rabbi wise and we are here with our jewish community council based in san francisco and served the entire san francisco bay area. welcome doug. we recently celebrated in the community for the community specifically at the jewish communications counsel and it is just a wonderful career you have had there. what is the jcr c? >> well i can't believe 30 years i have flown by and i came here in an organization which was founded just after the holocaust within the
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american jewish community showed a critique of what went wrong and the response of the american community and the american jewish community was clearly much weaker and that it should have been. one of the things they spoke about, there was not a united voice for the community and that fatal floor must never happen again. they were established to bring together the full diversity to develop couldn't edwardo sencion and speak with those of issues vital 0 to our community and it is something we have been doing since. >> what would you highlights be you would say would be over 30 years with success of relationship building and the things that would be proving to
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be can i have cut stances. >> it is a range of issues that any of us get to deal with throughout our careers and when i first dame came in, it was the height of the movement and one was actively being gained in that movement. some people thought was no chance the soviet union would open its doors and it is a stunning celebration that more than a million juice were freed and that they are act did i havely involved including many specific moments, the symbol of the movement that poke
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directly. when i think about the holocaust survivors, they wanted to be sure it would perpetuate the memory of the coliseum off the am and our annual holocaust recommend are remember member he can where the mercedes benzsment and last year, there was a measure that would abandon circumstance suggestions and we were successful voice if fighting back. >> we will take a quick break, shortly we will return, please join us in a quick home.
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. welcome back, i am eric wise and we are here with the executives director of jewish community relations council and who has been here with the jewish counsel for 33 yearsment and they are trying to reek in a reflected wayment he took us through some of the is are you -- history of the joys and all
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the way through some the high triand we thought about a couldn't topic. i am wondering if you can talk aboutp brown work we do and i know they go way beyond the jewish community itself and and i wonder if you can just common and i think it exists both beyond and outside institution us and it could not compete with the social justice but it is the full expect tram and we
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have tyre type of advice various ices it affect if i havely whether it wrong reform and civil rights is working for qualify public education and it is of he a full spectrum crom time, that is our brett and butter work. relationship key leader and his torebly we will want willing would be other areas are major concern. such as woulding on the area of human trafficking and what has happened in darfur. what has happened in terms of intergroup tensions and issue
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race home and our family is tonighting connect. we are and he family of he coalition amount we live in a dynamic state and very robust part of the state and leaping of what is the and what are the threshold for you to say we need to take a stand and if you are focusing on cones since essential and is there a and some send it might be chose he end to be taken from a military
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standard how do you cover those at and for all of my 30-year- old and me mentors have hired me and would say for all of their teen your at what is the situation of jcr this. but a fact the community as a community and those include the obvious pickist particular and it also relates to iron and
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with immigration reform. immigrations which we have a debate about and welch always -- we have always had that debate and we have a formal definition in our by laws which requires a flesh hold but if we can get 75 worcestershire sauce of our numbers and that will stand the 10 one. one reason may be our stance of the issue of same sex marriage and there are issues which it doesn't knee comply and 7 if%
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is the stretch hold which constitute and does one formally become a member? >> to become a member he have jcr c means you are involved with an organization that is, and so our membership is comprised of an equal number and what we call at last and it recognizings all of the kind wish community in that way. >> we will take a quick return here on mow day i can.
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. welcome back, we are welcome being the joy wish community relation -- jewish community center here and what initially attracted you to this community work and to the jewish count tell yourself am and i am passionate about the issues we address and the truth of the matter is i grew up in the 60s. i started in 1968, a time when there were fourish use of great moment and and it is more on the universe sal side of the ledger and the after math of the six day war and the new
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love, beginning with found my is he straw to those end serious -- those serious injuries and what i looked at after i wanted to do what i can in gauge and to this day that is exactly what had has lacked like of the and that has excited in from my early days of my you youth. >> this is a national concern, jewish concerns and ethnicity neck april and let's take and
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own that say we have jewish eye accidentty development and i am hondaing if in your 30 years, in the uniqueness of all of that, if you have seen patterns over the years as the different issues you emerge along the way... >> there are only going to be shifts in one of our communitiment and one that has emerged was a greater concern about the growth of anti-israel activity in the bay area which has taken a take and i preserve the time for others on vital issues of concern because the two have to co-exist together and one of the things
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i have been truck by. with our community with israel and their passion for social justice, well filling the ideal that all human beings in the image of god, those set twin values was a made iel part of have a problem with. >> and in fact, i see every individual internally reflect upon the way community
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understands issues around its life and poverty and education and other kind much social justice and civil rights and how do i convert that personal an individual bringing theirselves evict if i have -- respective advice is what people are brink to the table. >> that can also be very personal and what they should do is go through a and to provide affective action when they rise to that particular level and the very nature of what making couldn't sense is
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about, is help being everybody come in with a particular passion for the greater good, we set aside those particular viewpoint and to come out with the strongest position. it is beautiful to watch. we had task force that worked on issues of affirmative rio de janeiro action. on the of civil right and we would see kind being under only workbook and 0 our community is much that stronger as a result. >> we will continue our conversation here on mosaic, please join us.
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. welcome back to rabbi, is he receiving his award for 30 years of service as the jewish council, doug, what are you holding there? >> i am holding an oscar and it was on my mantel and i got the award for getting the best cuke the chairs of the event and surrender purpose leaders and -- surrender push levels and i think our community is one i will cherish forever.
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>> this is true i like to say i like bad movies. >> do you have any movies you just a saw flight and it is a very tough move are you san one the greatest in term of future. one of the trends in recent years is the from growth in the bay area which i really trace back to and not just as critical and and we have indicated a strong american israel relationship and strong democrat particular israel
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relationship as well. that is a children and i'm sure people using that and does if specifically had have a right to exist as their own sorry nation in the world? >> well, i would and we have taken a track stance and growing pollarization in within the broader society and in this most recent election and it is a polar and what a and our holder of he can end burglar of
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civil discoursement and because we have always brought together those voice, we played a heavy role in navigating community issues when they have arise end over what this and they have come in as a voice in how to model civil discourse and in fact we have completed a year and the last struck they were some get a challenge when we want to communicate, there are dozens of other voices that can
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easily be sent out by the presidential candidates of a button and walk that atmosphere. >> in some ways, you are pro positioning a greater since much pollarization and in some ways, one feels a sense of threat. even in the midst of more covering and is that part of the mix? >> i think people are being threatened by one thing or the other and this is a kind of reaction to this. one sees as a result of the anti-israel activity that i was describing was a strong and we
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have a very active -- activists approach and a measured tone to bring down the temperature and find a way to get people a reason -- recent times and we have feel you have engaged in all these issues and have considered all the different ways in which you can add your voice to the greater conversation in our community. thank you so much for with us on that, we thank you and have
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